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PowerHouse Warehouse Management Solutions

How does warehouse management become “Cool”?

When it's fun to use and as smart as you are, that's how. Quality Software Systems designed PowerHouse to be ahead of the curve on configurability and able to handle any change in your business. From increasingly diverse needs and effectively onboarding new clients in 3PL or meeting the ever changing demands of growing your company, our philosophy is to give you the knowledge and tools to be successful. We put you in control and make it fun to experience what the software can do.

That's Cool.

Your PowerHouse Toolset "Puts you in Control"

PowerHouse provides extraordinary flexibility and user configurability that lets you implement the right solutions for your business. 

  • The most Configurable WMS for your warehouse
  • Right sized solutions to enhance any size or type of business
  • Seamless integration to ERP & EDI systems

Third Party Logistics “Your Competitive Advantage”

PowerHouse enables 3PL companies to provide superior service creating a competitive advantage with unique features geared directly toward optimizing 3PL operations.

  • Onboard new clients swiftly
  • Easily map client specific work-flows
  • Increase Revenue, Client Satisfaction & Responsiveness

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The 3PL Competitive Advantage

PowerHouse increases productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

  • The premier Enterprise Class WMS solution for all of your warehouse management needs "Your Warehouse, Your Way..."
  • Improve On-time Deliveries & Profitability, Comprehensive integration leverages TMS & WMS functionality to achieve extraordinary cost and operational benefits
  • Real-time visibility, ePowerHouse is the internet portal to your WMS, the ideal solution for 3PL client access
  • Modular WMS implementation methodology...FastTrack is ideal for companies needing a solution that can grow with their businesses.
  • Seamless integration provides comprehensive WMS solutions for any business using Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Transportation Management Technology and Services - over $1 billion in manifests and payments each year. 2,500 + Carriers!

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