Management Team

Ed Troianello, CPA – President
Ed purchased Quality Software Systems Inc. in July of 1995. His prior employment was with Edison Corporation and Affiliates, a prominent storage facility and parking garage management company, where he rose to the rank of Executive Vice President for the Parking and Mini-Storage subsidiaries. With aggregate revenues of $125 million, his responsibilities included 150 facilities employing over 1,400 workers nationwide. Ed also served with Amerada Hess Corporation, performing auditing and accounting functions after graduating from Villanova University in 1978.

Harry Swart – Chief Operating Officer

Harry has over 20 years experience (IBM, NCR, AT&T, Litton Industries, Matsushita, Tommy Hilfiger, Intermec and HK Systems), with successes in sales, marketing, engineering, and management. His broad expertise in warehouse optimization was developed through the leadership of a consulting company, directing a national systems integration team, serving customers as the head of several sales and marketing groups, and managing the technical development of WMS and TMS packages. Additionally, Harry started and operated a private company providing full, life-cycle consultative services to the warehouse and distribution marketplace. Harry earned degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Washington State University.

Robert Banczak – Director of Product Management

Robert has been a Project Leader for several of QSSI's largest installations including Rubbermaid and Tommy Hilfiger. Before coming to QSSI, Robert served as MIS Manager at Schiffenhause Industries where he designed and programmed their EDI system for purchasing and ASN's, and developed a warehouse inventory management system. His experience includes work as a Programmer/Analyst with Quick Cable Corporation in Racine, Wisconsin, and as a computer and programming consultant to Wellington Home Products. Robert is an expert in Java, Recital, FoxPro, Clipper, PowerBuilder, SQL, MS-DOS, UNIX, Windows, Novell NetWare, C, C#, Pascal, Business Basic, 8088 Assembly and FORTRAN. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Steve Peters – Project Manager

Steve has direct project management experience with some of QSSI's largest installations, including Time Warner Trade Publishing, Troll Books and Taylor & Francis (Informa). His responsibilities include defining client system requirements, developing detail design specifications, programming enhancements and the end-to-end installation of our system at client sites. Before coming to QSSI, Steve worked as the data processing manager for Tri-Athletics, Inc. and Hershey Importing Company. His warehousing expertise encompasses Inventory Management, Order Processing and Material Flow. His technical background includes work in COBOL, FORTRAN, PowerBuilder, Pascal, dBase, FoxBase, TCP/IP, X-Windows and MS Windows. Steve has a B.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Roman Barshteyn – Senior Software Architect

Roman is responsible for the development of the JAVA framework which is the foundation of QSSI's web based and radio frequency products. In addition Roman has coded many of the system modifications designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Prior to joining QSSI, Roman was a Systems Analyst responsible for establishing standards and a framework for PowerBuilder applications with an Oracle database and the development of a universal security module for those applications. While at the Moscow Institute of Software Development, Roman developed computational algorithms and encoded programs for Integrated Circuit layout optimization. His technical background includes JAVA, C#, .Net, PowerBuilder, Oracle, C, SQL, Visual Basic, FOXPRO, Informix, Tuxedo System/T, Pascal, LISP, Prolog FORTRAN, VAX VMS, Novell Netware and TCP/IP. Roman has a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Queens College of the City University of New York.

Henry Yan – Senior Software Developer

Henry has extensive involvement in the "PC" side of the PowerHouse application. His responsibilities include programming core system and client specific modifications. Henry, like his peers, has been involved in many installations of PowerHouse since the late 1990's and has often participated in the on-site production cut-over phase of implementation. Prior to joining QSSI, Henry was the Programmer Analyst of Client/Server systems of New Concept Inc. where he was involved in the design and development of a Stock Portfolio system with PowerBuilder and MS SQL Server. His responsibilities included database design and writing stored procedures and triggers to enforce referential integrity. While at Polytechnic University, Henry created a Load Flow Computer-Simulation of non-linear power to monitor and analyze voltages and currents in power systems. His technical background includes PowerBuilder, Sybase, MS SQL, Visual Basic, Borland, Turbo C, FORTRAN 77, Pascal, MS DOS, UNIX, Windows NT and AutoCad. Henry has a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Shanghai and Chongquin Universities respectively, a M.S. Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Polytechnic University, NY and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Polytechnic University, NY.

Paul Werczberger – Project Leader

Paul is responsible for programming core system and client specific modifications. He plays a significant role in providing technical support to clients after they are up and running with the PowerHouse warehouse management system. Prior to joining QSSI, Paul was the Manager of Computer Programming at Sportland America. He also worked for eighteen years at several software companies in Romania. Paul is fluent in Romanian, Hungarian and French. His technical background includes dBase, Recital, X-Windows, MS-DOS, COBOL, Norton Utilities and PowerBuilder.

Gabe Werczberger – Senior Analyst

Gabe has a B.S. in Computer Engineering at Rutgers University where he graduated at the top of his class. He is part of the development team and is expert in JAVA and modern day programming standards. Since joining QSSI, he has participated in the development of the JAVA framework and our web-centric product known as ePowerHouse.

Russell Schumacher – Senior Application Specialist

Prior to joining QSSI, Russ managed Tommy Hilfiger's 350,000 square foot warehouse and $200 million inventory. While an employee there, he was directly responsible for implementation of QSSI's PowerHouse/WMS. Upon joining QSSI, Russ was rapidly deployed for implementations that included, Rust-Oleum, Kuehne & Nagel and Sherry-Lehmann. He is an expert in PowerHouse and develops the system parameters for our clients. His responsibilities include system implementations, customer requirement gathering, system testing, training and product demonstrations. Russ also managed a 150,000 square foot warehouse for the Burlington Coat Factory, overseeing six departments that serviced 230+ company retail stores. He was responsible for both day and night shifts that included seven supervisors, eight group leaders and 125 employees. Russ has an A.D. of Applied Science from Mercer County College.

Roger Saarimaki - Senior Application Specialist

Roger is responsible for training, system documentation, client SOP documentation and product development. With over 75 PowerHouse installations, Roger is an expert Project Manager and Senior Application Specialist. He has B.S. degrees in both Mathematics and Physics with post-grad courses equivalent to a Masters in education and learning science. Roger has taught mathematics, computer programming, science and space science at high school grades. His previous experience includes the role of Director of IT at Kuehne + Nagel with expertise in EDI, Vendor Managed Inventory, customer support and more than 25 competitive WMS implementations.

Robert "Rob" King - Product Manager

Rob directs all aspects of product management for QSSI's PowerHouse/WMS, TMS, Fastrack and ePowerHouse service offerings. Rob has extensive experience in all levels of warehousing, beginning his career as a Major Account Manager for Modern Handling Equipment Co. There, he designed and installed automated Hi-density warehouse systems before becoming one of the charter members of QSSI. He had interim roles as Business Development Manager at Manhattan Associates and as Regional Sales Manager for Irista (a subsidiary of HK Systems) with responsibility for Enterprise Supply Chain Solutions involving Warehouse and Transportation Management, B2B Collaboration systems and materials handling automation controls. Before returning to QSSI Rob had national responsibility for the launch of DSI's SAP data collection and mobile applications. Rob attended the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.