Apparel & Footwear Multi-Dimensional Configuration

We understand the specific challenges that the distribution of apparel and footwear present. That's why we have built apparel-centric functionality into PowerHouse—to meet the unique need to manage multi-dimensional products sold through multiple distribution channels. The system optimizes inventory control and product visibility, allowing you to manage inventory at both the SKU level and via style/color/size.

Flexible inventory tracking is a feature that you can't do without in the apparel industry. You may receive material in the warehouse in a configuration such as pieces per case or GOH, but the shipment receiver requires a different configuration. PowerHouse provides the ability to manage multiple pack configurations to meet these customer requirements.

PowerHouseWMS provides additional features to satisfy customer-specific needs:

Value Added Services: Configure PowerHouse to direct activities, and capture labor and transaction history to be used for 3PL billing and performance metrics.

Collaboration/Compliance: Trading partners have come to expect detailed Advance Shipping Notifications, compliance documentation and labels. PowerHouse leverages EDI solutions to give your customers the information and documentation they require.

Multi-Channel Distribution: Manage fulfillment to your own stores, trading partners, department stores, online orders or through other distribution channels with the distribution and fulfillment processes built into PowerHouse.

Additional key features include:

  • VAS transactions present revenue opportunities
  • System directed VAS improves productivity
  • VAS reporting facilitates client accountability
  • Inbound VAS can be enabled to move products directly from receiving to processing, eliminating excess handling
  • VAS can be directed at any point in the warehouse life cycle
  • 3PL providers can offer a greater range of services, making them more attractive to potential customers