Manage Production with your WMS

When it comes to warehouse management needs, manufacturers experience the same challenges as finished goods distributors, including the need to control inventory from receipt through shipment and the optimization of resources. Controlling raw materials, setting up work cells, manufacturing runs, and receiving finished goods and inventory reconciliation are additional challenges—and PowerHouse is equipped to handle them all, enabling manufacturing companies to more efficiently manage production operations.

PowerHouseWMS has these manufacturing-specific features:

  • Configurable Production Cells
  • Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Multi-level Bill of Materials
  • Kit Building
  • Automated Raw Materials Replenishment
  • Automated Lot Assignment & Receiving

The Production Module that is built into PowerHouseWMS provides companies with a manufacturing execution solution to accept and process work orders. With the ability to manage multiple work cells, assign lots, automate raw materials deliveries and the receipt of finished goods, the Production Module effectively extends your WMS solution to the production floor, enabling your manufacturing operation to be fully integrated with your overall warehouse operations—improving through-put, materials tracking and visibility.

Additional key features include:

  • Configurable Production Cells
  • Raw Materials Lot Traceability
  • Capacity Driven Materials Replenishment
  • Consumption Based Replenishment
  • Multi-Level BOMs
  • Lot & Date Code Assignment
  • Automated Receiving Processes
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Product Labeling