Pharmaceutical and Food

Managing the intricacies of pharmaceutical and food distribution

If you are involved in either the food or pharmaceutical industry or both, you know how complex the regulations are, and how strict requirements mandate that detailed lot and date tracking information must be maintained throughout the entire product lifecycle. Managing all of the aspects of lot and product transaction history can be costly and difficult—without the right systems in place.

PowerHouseWMS is fully equipped to meet the most demanding compliance challenges, whether the products you manage are governed by the FDA, USDA, CPSC or others. The system allows you to access detailed information regarding the pedigree and disposition of any inventory that passes through your distribution center, and provides the ability to immediately respond to product recalls with detailed transaction accounting, inventory status and shipment histories.

Some of the many robust food and drug-specific features PowerHouse offers include:

  • Flexible Lot and Date Control
  • FIFO, FEFO and User Defined Picking Rules
  • Shipment Date Threshold Management
  • User Defined Process Flows
  • Catch Weight Functionality
  • Change Control & Security
  • On-Demand Recall Reporting
  • Validation Ready
  • Reduces Compliance Related Costs

With a PowerHouse solution, you can position your company to implement the systems, procedures and controls that are vital to a successful and efficient pharmaceutical or food distribution service.