Reverse Logistics

Gain Value through Returns Processing

Returns can be a headache if not managed properly. As a critical product life cycle phase, the need to support reverse logistics is not only important, it can be an opportunity to capture additional revenues that would have been lost without the proper supportive systems. Whether your company manages the distribution of its own products or outsources logistical services to a 3PL, the ability to provide return services is fully dependent upon the capabilities of your WMS. PowerHouse provides the ability to process all types of returns with high speed modules—some even with specialized functions for goods such as apparel, publishing, spirits, and more.

One of the first steps of the process is usually creation of Return Materials Authorizations (RMAs) which can be accomplished through PowerHouse. Integration touch points also support EDI, ASN and other forms of notification.

Once the goods are returned, PowerHouse provides process controls to move goods back to available inventory or as needed. Disposition of goods may require returns to the manufacturer, refurbishment, placing items back into inventory, disposal or many other paths. The WMS allows for the items to be easily inducted and assigned conditions that will enable system-directed moves to process the inventory efficiently.

Additional key features include:

  • RMA Creation & Processing automates returns
  • High volume returns processing provides capacity
  • Quality Inspection ensures product standards
  • Grading enables discrete inventory tracking
  • System directed disposition guides operators
  • Reverse Logistics push products back to market
  • Recycling/Green Initiatives ensure returns are dealt with safely