Third Party Logistics

The 3PL Solution of Choice

PowerHouseWMS has the flexibility, configurability and robust features that third party logistics providers need to manage many different business types. The system allows you to perform the four most critical aspects of 3PL service:

  • Quickly adapt to client requirements
  • Collaborate with supply chain partners
  • Maximize resources
  • Deliver on-time

Meeting demanding challenges head-on, PowerHouse provides real-time enterprise wide visibility and benchmark functionality. Industry-centric functions for apparel, foods, pharmaceuticals, automotive and publishing, as well as pick and pack, bulk handling and user-configurable process flows enable you to meet new business opportunities with confidence.

With a design focus on agility, PowerHouse allows for rapid deployment and easy adaptation to diverse business requirements. As needs change, you can incorporate new service offerings and respond to customers quickly. With capabilities to address any fulfillment requirement, your business becomes more attractive to current and potential clients.

Additional key features include:

  • Multi-Owner, Multi-Warehouse Enabled
  • Profile Based Billing of Activities, Storage, Periodic and Accessorial Charges
  • System Directed Value Added Services
  • Industry Tailored Functionality: Apparel, Publishing, Pharmaceuticals and more
  • Kit Building with Multi-level BOM
  • Quality Inspection and Holds
  • Integrated Transportation Management
  • Returns Processing
  • Business Integration: ASN's, EDI, B2B & B2C, ERP and Accounting Systems
  • Scalable to Any Size Business
  • Flexible User Configurable Business Rules Put You in Control