Rapid eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce companies need features tailored to their market. Accurate inventory control and rapid fulfillment are the crucial success factors in this industry, due to the customers' expectation when making a purchase through eCommerce sales channels that the goods they receive will be exactly what they ordered, and that they will receive it quickly.

In addition to the advanced WMS functionality needed to optimize warehouse operations, PowerHouse has these eCommerce-specific features:

  • Integration to eCommerce Shopping Carts
  • Ship-For, Bill-To (Drop Ship) functions
  • Real-time Inventory Updates
  • Customized Packing Lists
  • Special Services , such as gift wrapping
  • Transportation & Parcel Tracking

Because shopping cart integration is a major key to your success as an eCommerce company, we have made sure that PowerHouseWMS supports the most popular shopping carts and can be easily integrated with your provider. Even orders coming in from multiple shopping cards can be integrated within the system for immediate fulfillment. WMS integration also enables available-to-sell quantities that reflect real-time inventory levels to be posted in the shopping cart, eliminating possible backorders or out of stock situations.

Additional key features include:

  • Scalable capacity for any size business
  • 3PL Enabled for Multiple Owners
  • Updates Shopping Cart Site with Available to Order
  • Supports Pick & Pack  with Special Instructions
  • Shipment Confirmation Emails with Tracking Numbers
  • User Configurable Process Flows