Brunswick Logistics Implements PowerHouse/WMS to Enable 3PL Services for Major Apparel Manufacturers

Apparel Focus, Retail Compliance, 3PL Design and Value Added Services - Provide a Competitive Advantage

New Jersey - USA:  QSSI has announced that Brunswick Logistics has implemented the PowerHouseWMS warehouse management system configured for 3PL apparel fulfillment.

Brunswick Logistics provider of 3PL services to the InMocean Group (an industry leading swimsuit manufacturer) made a strategic decision to grow their business by offering state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment services to their customers.  To be able to provide comprehensive and competitive services Brunswick needed a warehouse management system that supported 3PL operations, one that had apparel specific functionality that manages the intricacies of style, color and size inventory attributes.  InMocean needed a solution that would enable them to meet strict compliance requirements for labeling, reporting, and EDI - the answer was obvious - PowerHouse..

Brunswick Logistics selected and implemented the PowerHouseWMS warehouse management system in their new 300,000 square foot distribution center.  PowerHouse gave Brunswick Logistics an end-to-end 3PL warehouse system that provided a solution to control inventory from receipt through shipment and to manage retail compliance and data interchange via EDI.

With their core business focusing on apparel fulfillment, Brunswick Logistics needed a solution that was designed for the unique challenges of the industry.  Requirements for rainbow assortments, store replenishments, carton ID traceability and many other customer initiatives, required system driven processes to ensure that each customer's needs are met.  With PowerHouse/WMS Brunswick was able to easily configure warehouse work flows, business rules, documentation, and labels to meet each of their customers needs.

Brunswick Logistics also uses PowerHouseWMS to direct special projects and valued added services such as price ticketing, boxing, GOH or re-cartonization.  The system captures value add metrics such as the type of task, quantities, the users and the duration of each project which PowerHouse then uses for billing calculations.

With PowerHouseWMS Brunswick Logistics is now able to serve the fulfillment needs of numerous apparel manufactures and ships their products to most major retailers including: Federated, Target, Wal-Mart, Nordstrom, the Sports Authority and many others.

About Brunswick Logistics: Brunswick Logistics was formed in 2004 as the logistics service group for swimsuit maker InMocean.  Building upon their success with InMocean, Brunswick Logistics leveraged their warehousing and distribution capabilities to offer 3PL services to other apparel companies with similar products and fulfillment requirements.  Brunswick Logistics now provides comprehensive inventory management programs to several swimsuits and apparel manufactures and ships to most major retailers.

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