Leed's Implements PowerHouse / WMS - Improves Accuracy, Productivity and JIT Fulfillment

Process Automation, System Directed Tasks and Multi-building Management - Cornerstones for Production Optimization

Pennsylvania - USA:  Warehouse management solutions provider QSSI has announced that Leed's has implemented PowerHouseWMS to manage their warehouse and production operations.

Leed's has enjoyed impressive double digit sales growth for years.  But to maintain their policy of absolute customer satisfaction and on-time delivery, Leed's needed a solution to help them control their inventory and keep the production lines stocked and running optimally.

The task at hand was significant.  Leed's business campus included a 300k' warehouse, a 250k' production facility, design operations and external warehouses.  In addition to its own facilities, Leed's manages inventory at nearly twenty outside contractors that are used to supplement their production capacity or provide specialized services.

Next to inventory control the biggest challenge Leeds faced was getting materials from their warehouse to the right production cell optimally and Just-In-Time.  Limited line-side production staging areas and a dynamic production schedule meant that less than a two hour window was available to the warehouse from when a work order was dropped, to when it was needed for production.  Factor in that the warehouse is over a mile away from the production facility, requiring over the road transportation of inter-facility transfers, every opportunity to improve their logistics operations provided escalating downstream benefits.

Leveraging configurable work flows and the ability to automate business processes, Leed's uses PowerHouseWMS to direct replenishment operators through their picking tasks and to then load product for delivery to production.  Upon receipt at the production facility operators are automatically directed to deliver goods Just-In-Time to pre-production staging areas.

Leed's takes advantage of the configurable functionality PowerHouseWMS provides to continue to implement process improvements that gain efficiencies and respond to new business initiatives.  The warehouse now fulfills fifty percent more orders per day with twenty percent less staff than prior to PowerHouseWMS implementation.

About Leed's: Leed's is the leading supplier in the $16 billion promotional products and advertising specialty industry.  Annual sales, now nearing $300 million, continue to rise for the New Kensington, Pennsylvania company.  New employees join the Leed's team nearly every week while operational space continues to grow at a breakneck pace.  Leed's continues to seek exciting new branded collections for the 25,000 distributors it's proud to call its customers.  What founders Bruce Weiner and Tom Bernstein started more than 25 years, continues to build on their legacy by offering relentless product innovation, energetic customer service, and dynamic client collaboration.

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