Origami Owl implements PowerHouse WMS

Origami Owl implements PowerHouseWMS with outstanding results.

Origami Owl opens new distribution center in record time.

Chandler, AZ – USA: QUALITY SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, INC. has completed the launch of Origami Owl's distribution optimization project with the implementation of PowerHouseWMS while at the same time outfitting a new automated distribution center.  In record time Origami Owl and QSSI installed PowerHouse in their existing warehouse bringing it quickly online and setting the stage for the roll-out to run their new distribution center.

Origami Owl: http://www.origamiowl.com/

Success stories travel fast and the buzz about Origami Owl's origin, marketing strategy and phenomenal growth once again point to the American dream of taking a new idea, hard work and building an outstanding company.

The vision of 14 year old Bella Weems, (now 17), launched Origami Owl just 3 years ago.  Sales exploded as customers flocked to buy the uniquely crafted and sold designer jewelry.

The Challenge: Maintain Customer Service, Increase Through-put and Support Growth

As the remarkable growth of Origami Owl's sales continued, behind the curtain the company needed to implement distribution solutions to keep pace with a sales force topping 50,000 designers.  To do this QSSI was competitively selected to implement its' PowerHouseWMS.  QSSI launched a rapid implementation of PowerHouse and in just 4 weeks was able to optimize the "Nest"- the internal name for Origami Owl's existing warehouse, leading to immediate extraordinary savings and throughput improvements.

A new distribution center was needed and needed fast.  QSSI brought in its' partner Siggins Company to provide materials handling systems design and installation to create a turnkey solution.  In just 3 months materials handling systems were designed, installed, integrated with PowerHouse and ready for use.  The result of the collaboration is a world class distribution center featuring PowerHouseWMS warehouse optimization; controlling pick-to-light systems driving up to 8 mirrored pick lines, conveyors with sortation to automated packing stations and shipping with PowerHouse's integrated Transportation Management System solution.

About QSSI:  QSSI delivers advanced Warehouse Management, Transportation Optimization and Logistics solutions to support the strategic needs of growing companies.  Founded in 1986, QSSI deploys Innovative Supply Chain solutions domestically as well as for the international market.  With over 25 years of consulting and product development, QSSI can meet all your logistics requirements including design, software suites and hardware.  Count on us to deliver a turnkey solution with exceptional results.

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