PHotoOp-RF Seamless RF photography for WMS

PHotoOp-RF Integrated RF photo capture to be released with PowerHouse WMS v88.3

PHotoOp-RF enables seamless RF photography within warehouse management process flows.

New Jersey – USA:  QSSI has announced that "PHotoOp-RF" the integrated Radio Frequency WMS photography solution will be included with Version 8.83 of the PowerHouse warehouse management system.

PHotoOp-RF eliminates the cumbersome activities needed to manage your warehouse imaging requirements with integrated photo capture processing.  PHotoOp-RF leverages Radio Frequency Devices configured with hi-resolution cameras to provide users with dynamic image capture functionality.  The solution seamlessly enables WMS users to capture photographs within numerous types of warehouse process flows and automatically attaches them to associated records.

A good example of where PHotoOp RF provides significant benefits is cataloging damages identified during receiving.  With PHotoOp-RF users can take pictures of damaged goods and add comments related to each photograph "all without leaving the receiving process flow".  Pictures captured during a receiving transaction are saved to the receipt file where they can be accessed and managed from workstation screens.  Reports can be configured as well to include selected pictures providing the ultimate solution to communicating quality issues.

Because PHotoOp-RF can be configured to be accessed in a variety of RF workflows, pictures can be captured during Receiving, Picking, Truck Loading, Shipping and other operations.  Whether your need is to identify exceptions for products you are receiving or validating quality for shipments you are making PHotoOp-RF provides an easy to use solution.

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