Peanut Recall, PowerHouse/WMS Lot Recall Functionality Enables Quick Response

Pedigree Lot Control and Date Tracking features enables immediate response to recall notification.

New Jersey York - USA - Warehouse and Transportation management solutions provider QSSI implements inventory control solutions that support product recall.

The recent highly publicized peanut product recall has impacted companies large and small throughout the supply chain.  Suddenly companies found they were being contacted by the FDA to provide detailed information about all the products they handled that may have had tainted peanut content.  Many of these firms found they were not ready to respond.

Several of QSSI's clients that are using PowerHouseWMS to manage their warehouses were contacted by the FDA regarding the peanut product recall.  Fortunately they had the product tracking information the FDA required readily available in their PowerHouse warehouse management systems.  For these PowerHouse users; reporting the exact location of suspect inventory and the customers that were shipped product in question was a simple task.  Armed with comprehensive lot tracking & recall reporting capabilities; providing critical recall data was easily accomplished

Typically companies implement PowerHouse solutions to improve inventory control and optimize their warehouse operations with relatively little focus given to the critical and complex nature of product recalls.  PowerHouseWMS is a state-of-the-art warehouse management solution that has helped many companies get the most use out of their warehouse operations while at the same time providing the ability to implement lot tracking and recall procedures as defined under Title 21 (CFR) Code of Federal Regulations.

PowerHouseWMS provides all of the inventory/lot tracking processes and data capture to enable your company to support and implement quality procedures that will position you for any recall eventuality.  PowerHouseWMS is the system foundation for your compliance and validation strategy, but it doesn't end there.  Knowing your responsibilities, adhering to standard operating procedures, integrating quality management throughout your organization and testing your solution are just a few of the steps that will enable your ability to respond.  Are you ready to respond?

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