QSSI - 9th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to join QSSI and many other wine industry technology providers at the 9th annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) to be held on July 15-16 at the Napa Valley Marriott.

The Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) was created in 2005 by a group of wine industry and technology professionals. The purpose of WITS is to address the unique information technology and services needs of the wine industry. WITS is dedicated to bringing the world's leading wine industry professionals together with some of the world's leading technology experts to foster learning and discussion. Panels of experts will discuss specific examples and case studies

QSSI will be there to present its premier class PowerHouseWMS warehouse management suite.  QSSI is a leader in warehouse, transportation and inventory management software with solutions for wine retailers, producers and third party logistics providers.

PowerHouseWMS provides robust functionality to manage inventories of any size that enhance productivity, control and the accuracy of your distribution operations.  Detailed tracking of production lots, complete inventory visibility and the ability to ship more products for less cost empower companies with the tools to increase profitability.  And for 3rd Party Logistics providers PowerHouse has all of the functionality to manage inventories for an unlimited number of clients with the ability to meet each of their unique inventory management, shipping and billing requirements.

We look forward to seeing you in Napa and the opportunity to share more with you about how PowerHouseWMS can improve your supply chain efficiency.

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