Sovena USA Opens New Manufacturing / Distribution Facility with PowerHouse

Manufacturing Integration, Lot Control and Storage Optimization - Lead Sovena Initiatives

New York - USA: Warehouse Management Systems provider QSSI has announced that Sovena USA (formerly East Coast Olive Oil) has completed moving to their new manufacturing and distribution center.

Located on a 23-acre site in Rome, NY, Sovena's newly-built 185,000 square-foot facility opened in late 2007, encompassing warehousing, production, quality control, and shipping, in a layout optimized for efficiency.  Five rail lines service the facility, where oil is pumped to 59 storage tanks capable of holding up to 380,000 gallons of olive oil. The production lines feed into automated shrink-wrappers and palletizers before passing product through to the warehouse, which boasts 12,000 pallet positions.

Sovena had outgrown their existing facility many times over and was storing inventory in several off-site warehouses.  A solution was needed to enable them to take control of their inventory, to assist with their move and to streamline their new manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations with a focus on quality.

Implemented in anticipation of their impending move, PowerHouseWMS was used to identify their entire inventory and facilitate the transfer of hundreds of truck loads of goods to the new building.  Sovena used this opportunity to capture critical inventory attributes including the lot & expiration dates necessary to ensure only the highest quality products were being shipped.

Designed by leading distribution design firm The Facilities Group, the new warehouse uses a variety of storage media configurations.  Selective, double-deep and drive-in racks of varying capacity configurations, and bulk storage were incorporated in the layout.  Sovena configured PowerHouse putaway rules including "bulk submit" to direct putaway to the location types that would best leverage the various storage configurations based on the lot and quantity of inventory to be stored, and finally with an eye toward the final optimized shipping schedule.

PowerHouse/WMS is used to manage raw materials and finished goods and to track raw material lots into production and the finished product.  Production work-orders are used to generate ASN's to the warehouse system and pre-print pallet labels that are applied on the manufacturing line.  Forklift operators receive finished goods with a simple scan of the ASN label and are directed to fulfill open orders or store the inventory for future shipment.

About Sovena USA: Sovena USA is the country's largest importer of olive oil supplying more than 50% (65,000 metric tons annually) of all private label olive oil in the U.S. retail marketplace.  Formerly known as East Coast Olive Oil, the company was founded in 1991 as an importer of olive oil for the foodservice industry, and quickly expanded into other sectors.  Today, Sovena USA serves the foodservice, retail, and industrial markets in the United States and Canada.  Their portfolio of edible oils includes olive oils, organic, vegetable & seed oils, high-volume frying oils, blends, flavored oils, and a complete line of vinegars.

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