Improved Outcomes

Results Implementation Methodology: A Road Map to Success

Results Implementation Methodology is a proven process that assures focused user participation and input. The iterative approach results in the best possible fit for your business, reduced risk, and early, maximum return on investment. The QSSI team works closely with you to form a project team with defined roles and responsibilities. This process is the best means to map out the road to success for your company. Because you're part of the process every step of the way, you will already be an expert in PowerHouseWMS when you go live.

The process moves forward as follows:

Phase I: Requirements Definition Study (RDS)

  • Client Project Team Education
  • Operations Analysis and Process Flow Mapping
  • QSSI and the Client's Project Team document and map warehouse processes
  • Solutions Fit Matrix created

  • Matches client's operational requirements to PowerHouseWMS functionality
  • Identifies modifications which may be required
  • Solutions Fit Matrix Review and Approval
  • Finalized Solution Fit Matrix is submitted for approval
  • Finalized list of recommend hardware is submitted for approval

Phase II: Installation

  • Project Definition
  • Implementation details are delineated
    • The Project Plan, which identifies major tasks, target dates and project deliverables, is established
    •  Base System Installation
    • The PowerHouseWMS system, including both hardware and software, is installed at the client's site
    • System Adaptation
    • Hardware & Systems Setup
    • Interfaces are defined and tested
    • Modifications are integrated into the core PowerHouseWMS package
    • Conference Room Pilots are performed so Client can verify system functions.
    • User Training
    • The system is thoroughly tested and, once fully verified, brought into full production
    • Production Cutover
    • Post Implementation Support