Other companies can claim they will support you every step along the way. We'd like to share with you the text of a recent email to our president that tells our story best.

Hi Ed,

I'm good thank you. I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take a moment and share something with you.
I'm more of a technical guy and not very good with words so it's taken me some time to think, but for the past decade, QSSI has never once failed to support our constant process and system changes in every way you can as we have grown into a company four times the size of the one our PowerhouseWMS was originally set up for.

The thing I like most about PowerhouseWMS is that it has enough tools, features, and built-in flexibility that we are able to change our entire SOP and have PowerhouseWMS completely changed over to work with the new process within an hour with little to no disruption to our work flow. I've seen lesser systems crippled for weeks following changes that Powerhouse takes in stride.
Not too long ago, we had a small experience.

This past year there was a miscommunication within our company about our physical inventory process. Some of the prep work was missed and no one caught it until we had sent the upload file to QSSI. Bob worked with us from 10 am Christmas morning until 10 pm Christmas night to correct the issues. And was back in contact with us at 6:30 am the next day to finish the process so that we could begin our PI at noon that day.

Not many people even in our own company showed that level of commitment to finishing our PI on schedule.
Not exactly poetry, but I just wanted to say, "Thank you."


Tom Koffman
Leeds World