Hardware Solutions for Productivity

Every day, there is an ever-increasing number of hardware available that improve productivity on your warehouse floor. PowerHouseWMS easily enables advanced technologies to communicate, capture data and optimize warehouse operations, meeting your current needs and leaving room for the future with the best deployment options for your company, all with seemless integration.

RF - Wireless Solutions

Smart GlassesMicrosoft Apple AndroidSmartphone

Rapidly evolving Radio Frequency data terminals (RF Devices) provide real-time interaction between your employees and your WMS. RF Devices are becoming ever more affordable, operating with Android, IOS and Microsoft platforms. Data validation coupled with system directed work optimizes worker productivity and accuracy. QSSI is an authorized partner of Zebra and Honeywell and we are evaluating new technologies every day.  See how scanning and mobile productivity can drive growth with a smarter warehouse.

Voice Solutions

Hands Free

Hands free speech solutions speed users through their daily tasks with voice commands. Headsets voice-enable a wide range of warehouse management processes that efficiently and accurately conduct your employees' activities. QSSI partners with Lucas Systems for successful implementations throughout the US.

Lucas Move

Lucas Move, featuring Jennifer, runs on ruggedized smartphones and standard mobile computers to help you streamline operations.

Lucas Engage provides detailed productivity and performance data to help you dynamically optimize your warehouse.

Pick-to-Light Solutions


Pick-to-Light is acknowledged to be the fastest operator-based picking technology available.

Origami Owl

But, don't take our word for it. Watch the video and visit with a client using PowerHouseWMS with Pick-to-Light and see what this powerful combination has done for them.

Barcoding & RFID Solutions

Barcoding Solutions

BarCode labels assist data capture in many warehouse processes. Easy label configuration supports generation of labels for products, locations, shipping containers and more.

RFID Labels

In addition, PowerHouseWMS ably generates RFID tags to meet emerging compliance requirements and to leverage accuracy within the warehouse.  RFID technologies enhance automated data collection and meet trading partner compliance mandates.



PowerHouseWMS is a turnkey solution with seamless technology benefits that support outstanding performance. Automated material handling systems, conveyors, storage and picking systems, present no challenges to PowerHouseWMS, and seamlessly integrate to further enhance productivity and throughput.

PowerHouseWMS is the system to best adapt to whatever you choose for warehouse picking or material handling technologies. Unsure about what is best for your company? Schedule a demo today, or call us at 800.338.4420 and we will give you unbiased guidance towards giving your warehouse a competitive advantage.


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