Your Deployment Strategy

Choose the Best WMS Deployment Strategy for Your Company

PowerHouse features a scalable, flexible architecture design that lets you decide on the best deployment method for your needs. Whether your WMS is implemented on-premise, in the cloud, hosted or any hybrid, you get the same high-performance functionality, so you can choose to deploy in the technical environment that best meets your company's IT objectives.

Today, PowerHouse has a much broader footprint than when it was originally developed as a multi-tiered client server solution. New deployment innovations offer users access to many solutions, including:

  •     Web Integration
  •     Mobile Computing
  •     Automated dB Administration
  •     Archiving
  •     Virtual Servers and Redundancy
  •     Disaster Recovery, and more

Microsoft SQL

PowerHouse uses the Microsoft SQL database for performance and dependability. SQL Server delivers flexible functionality and reliable performance in comparison with other database offerings. It helps deliver predictable and next-generation performance backed by customer, partner, and industry-leading benchmarks. To ensure maximum performance, your PowerHouseWMS is continuously tuned to optimize its MS SQL database.

And it's your database to explore.  In addition to the robust reporting PowerHouseWMS provides you can also use tools such as Microsoft's  SQL Server Reporting Services, Power BI and other helpful reporting tools.