Integration & EDI

Seamless Connectivity

PowerHouse will be an integral part of your supply chain managing warehouse activities and providing a hub to communicate with ERP, eCommerce, Accounting and EDI systems.  

Companies are able to significantly extend the value of their business applications through seamless integration with PowerHouse WMS. To optimize your supply chain, PowerHouse provides the tools to configure seamless integration. 

WMS integration projects take on many forms and levels of complexity; from the implementation of standardized interfaces such as those available for Dynamics GP, NetSuite, Sage and others, to interfaces with custom or legacy systems. 

Flexibility is to key to being able to support integration to many different systems that use a variety of databases, some have API's and others require application specific development. The secret sauce that allows PowerHouse to be woven seamlessly into your enterprise is PowerConnect.


PowerConnect is PowerHouse's interface configuration and scheduling module. PowerConnect provides interface configuration to communicate with many types of systems using a variety of methods; flat files, web services, Java API and others.

  • Accounting Systems
  • Materials Handling & WCS 
  • Picking Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • eCommerce 
  • Scalable Integration Solutions
    • MapForce
    • Liason Delta


Often EDI transactions need to be received and sent to many different partners, customers, ERP solutions and warehouse systems. With PowerHouse, the critical information needed for your EDI is readily available in a standardized format that is easily configured to your EDI needs. The standardized EDI approach provides flexibility and works particularly well with 3PL firms that may need to work with many different EDI providers that their customers are using including:

  • Adonix
  • Quick Books - intuit
  • Sage 
  • StoneEdge
  • SAP
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Dynamics, Great Plains
  • BottleSoft
  • Zoyto
  • NetSuite
  • BFN Built For NetSuite
  • Blue Cherry
  • CWDirect CommercialWare
  • SPS Commerce
  • Virtual Logistics
  • EDI Consulting Group