Reporting Solutions

PowerHouse/WMS has a powerful yet extremely easy to use reporting infrastructure.

There are over 200 reports that come standard with the system.

Most standard reports include selection arguments allowing custom results

All data windows in the system can be printed as reports. ( not screen prints but full reports)

The system provided report writer allows users to create customer reports that will reside within PowerHouse/WMS for easy access by all users.

All system reports, data window and user created custom reports have multi-line sort and filter capability.

 All system reports, data window and user created custom reports can be exported to a extensive variety of file types.

Users can make smart jumps directly from any line in a report or data window to any data window in the system. The information jumped to will be systematically related to the the originally selected information.

Ad Hoc reports can be created and saved by using simple drag and drop functionality available within PowerHouse/WMS. Move columns, drag to the garbage can or add columns as needed. This functionality is easy enough for the non-computer oriented individual. 

Any of the above can be displayed to a personally formatted dashboard.

 Any third-party report writer, such as Crystal Reports, can be used to create reports.