Does your warehouse work for you?

PowerHouseWMS puts you in control of your warehouse with extraordinary flexibility and user configurability to let you implement the right solutions for your business. Whether effectively on-boarding new clients in 3PL or meeting the ever changing demands of growing your company, we give you the knowledge, tools and support to be successful.

That's why we created a solution that adapts as technologies change, always with an eye towards improving productivity. PowerHouseWMS has all of the functionality you would expect from a Tier-1 WMS including; receiving, directed putaway, task interleaving, cycle counting, replenishment, order processing, cross docking, truck building, yard management, shipping, reporting and much more.

Any size and type of business can swiftly configure PowerHouseWMS in real-time to meet changing business needs.

Are you ready to grow? PowerHouseWMS is the enterprise class warehouse management system that makes your warehouse work for you.

Full Functionality

PowerHouse warehouse management gives you a comprehensive suite of capabilities; picking, putaway, replenishment, receiving, cycle counting, wave planning, labor planning, reporting, production, internet access and 3PL billing modules right out of the box.


A warehouse management software designed to grow with your business, not hold you back. Whether your warehouse is 10,000 square feet or over 1 million, dynamic work-direction or event-driven, paper based or RF, we will support you every step of the way.

Effortless Configuration

Regardless of whether you manage a traditional warehouse, a manufacturing warehouse or a 3PL operation, PowerHouse/WMS can be quickly configured to suit your needs with user friendly table-based rules.

Flexible Interfacing

A strong set of interfaces enable you to connect your warehouse management system with your existing or planned ERP, Accounting systems, conveyors, pick-to-light, shipping and manifesting systems, quickly and economically.

Swift Implementation

The PowerHouse software line offers extremely powerful warehouse management system tools to be implemented quickly with our rapid deployment methodology. Our clients expect us to be experts at warehouse optimization and our experience is deep. That is why our clients have successful go-lives.

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