PowerHouseTMS is a fully integrated transportation management solution within PowerHouseWMS that extends your control beyond the warehouse. 

 If you're looking to simplify and further optimize warehouse operations with a fully integrated transportation management solution, PowerHouseTMS is the answer. With all the essential features located in one platform, you'll seamlessly build an efficient, revenue generating transportation solution.

Multiple Features, One Platform

Add PowerHouseTMS to our Tier-1 WMS to simplify packing and shipping. You'll have access to everything you need in one program, including notifications and tracking applications with the tools to print shipping labels, calculate freight, and choose the most cost-effective shipping and distribution methods for your business.

Control Across the Board

PowerhouseTMS comes with a number of key components: Big Data Intelligence, Transportation Optimization, and Sourcing Visibility will allow you to review detailed analytics, orchestrate an intelligent transportation plan, and make sourcing decisions backed by advanced data collection. The ShipLinx/RateLinx Dashboard offers collective management capabilities for inter-modal, parcel, less-than-truckload, air shipments, and more.

Key features

It's all here. PowerHouseTMS simplifies the challenges of creating an intelligent transportation network.
  • Certified domestic & international small parcel rating
  • TL & LTL Bill Of Lading generation
  • Generic Carrier rating, labeling, and electronic manifest
  • Unlimited locations and carrier account numbers
  • Parcel Tracking and Delivery Monitoring
  • Process to Hold / Future Shipping
  • UPS World Ease / International & Hazardous Documents
  • Anywhere to anywhere rating for LTL and Parcel
  • Rate Shopping by lowest rate and time-in-transit
Please review the PowerHouseTMS brochure for more information.

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