Visibility & Reporting

PowerHouse provides tools to expose a wealth of information about your business that can help you improve customer service, increase profitability and empower strategic decision making.

PowerHouse provides real-time visibility through a variety of reporting tools and applications to give you complete access to key performance indicators, inventory data, receipts and order statuses and much more.


ePowerHouse is the PowerHouse/WMS web portal through which you and your clients can access warehouse data. ePowerHouse eliminates the need for your clients to call you to find out the status of an order or inventory data. For logistics providers, furnishing your clients with the ability to see up to the minute information has become a business requirement making ePowerHouse a competitive advantage for 3PL providers.

In addition to detailed warehouse and inventory information, ePowerHouse gives users the ability to place orders, create receipt notifications, add vendors and new items as well as check on the status of key transactions, all through a secure browser interface.

Flexible Reporting

PowerHouse reporting utilities include a built in report writer, ad hoc reporting, profile based reports and the ability to easily sort, filter and export data to numerous file types. The convenient report profiling feature gives users the ability to create and share configured reports that are used often.

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PowerView Dashboard

The popular PowerView reporting dash board gives users the ability to create their own custom views of the reports that are most important to their job functions. Profile based, PowerView automatically refreshes data to keep users informed with up to the minute warehouse activities.