Hy-Ko Products 

Manufacturing & Distribution

Hy-Ko Products is a Cleveland-based company that manufactures and markets consumer-use signs, house numbers, and other accessories to a worldwide market base of retailers. Established in 1949, Hy-Ko has grown into the industry leader, selling a broad range of products to many of North America's largest hardware, home center, grocery, drug and mass-merchandise chains like Wal-Mart.

"We were just plain hitting a wall with our existing system inhibiting any additional growth—the challenges associated with printing, distributing and keeping track of the huge number of paper pick tickets were becoming overwhelming," says Bill Ashby, information systems manager, Hy-Ko Products. "[Many] years ago, Wal-Mart was not even a factor in our business and today, they're our largest customer. To supply them and other customers like Home Depot and Ace Hardware more efficiently, and to continue growing beyond where we are now, it was clear we needed to change to a paperless, wireless WMS."

In search of a solution, Hy-Ko approached Sedlak, a company that specializes in supply chain consulting and system design. After reviewing WMS offerings from five different vendors, Sedlak recommended the QSSI PowerHouseWMS to improve inventory control and accuracy, increase the order cycle time, and better track labor. Upon meeting with Hy-Ko, we recommended Psion Teklogix 7535 hand-held computers to automate the data collection process within the new WMS, along with Cisco wireless backbone and access points as support infrastructure for the new system. After rigorous testing and a two-phase rollout, the system proved viable and provided many value-added benefits for Hy-Ko Products, including the elimination of the manual order separation and re-packing process, as well as more accurate inventory and labor management.


Company: Hy-Ko Products

Case Study Highlight: 

Manufacturing & Distrbution


  • PowerHouseWMS
  • Psion Teklogix 7535 hand-held computers

Benefits Realized:

  • Improved real-time inventory information
  • Increased productivity and resource management
  • Adaptive technology to enable growth