East Coast Olive Oil

Manufacturing and Distribution

East Coast Olive Oil (ECOO) was founded in 1991, and started as an importer of olive oil products supplying the food service trade. The company soon expanded into industrial and retail markets and broadened its product line beyond olive oil, adding vegetable oils, vinegars and other food products, establishing ECOO as a premier importer and packager of fine food products from around the world.

Driven by tremendous growth and increasing market share, ECOO needed to expand and optimize its production and distribution capabilities. They commissioned a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility, and needed a robust WMS solution to direct warehouse activities, manage raw and finished goods inventories, and fulfill customer orders. The challenge was to bridge production requirements with warehouse and inventory management functions, seamlessly managing production materials and finished goods while enabling true lot-tracked inventory control throughout the complete supply chain life cycle.

After an extensive selection process, ECOO partnered with QSSI to implement PowerHouseWMS to handle their warehouse management and production inventory control requirements. ECOO found that the configurable design of PowerHouseWMS gave them the flexibility to adapt to evolving requirements as new production systems were brought online.

The system was implemented using radio frequency devices to direct operators in real time to fulfill priority tasks in the most efficient manner. Leveraging a seamless integration with production, advanced shipping notices generated from PowerHouseWMS enable detailed finished goods receipts with a single scan of the system generated pallet license plates. Because the system also optimizes detailed tracking of raw materials, expiration dates and lot control, ECOO can ensure that its customers always receive the highest quality products and service.


East Coast Olive Oil (ECOO)

Case Study Highlight: Manufacturing/Distribution


  • PowerHouseWMS
  • Psion Teklogix 7535 hand-held computers

Benefits Realized:

  • Seamless management of production materials and finished goods
  • Lot-tracked inventory control throughout the supply chain life cycle
  • Adaptive technology to enable growth