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3PL Billing

3PL Billing

Whole systems thinking leads to whole systems solutions.

“QSSI had us up and running within hours of receiving the data from our first client. We can now accommodate and track all of our clients’ requirements.”

Ray Bottachiari
Warehouse Manager,
The Port Group
Automated Billing

Bill more, bill sooner, and bill with increased accuracy, all with less staff. PowerHouse is the best in market WMS for capturing billable opportunities. This is because we consider impacts on the whole warehouse system, in real time. With each direction, data is captured, categorized, and disseminated as billables.

Revenue Generation

The system is inclusive and answers critical questions, such as how to track differences in packing times between parcels and when to bill for storage (vs. process). And, since there are infinite ways to kit, it is capable of quantifying labor, too.

Value Added Services

We recognize that each customer is different, which necessitate a built-in capability to bill each customer differently. Create detailed, unique billing profiles to demonstrate fair rates, as well as your company’s value. Move forward with confidence that all activity-based services, storage fees, and value adds have been accounted for in your billing.

Create customized billing transactions.
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