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QSSI Track Record

QSSI Track Record

Gain a partner, not an app.

“The level of support exceeds our expectations, and the staff at QSSI are great, helping us to accommodate all our customers’ requirements.”

Ray Bottachiari
Warehouse Manager,
The Port Group
Warehouse Innovators. Always.

QSSI leads in adapting technology to the needs of warehouse management. In the early 1990s, the company was instrumental in moving the warehouse industry to graphics-based interfaces. PowerHouse was one of the very first warehouse management applications to be entirely configurable, eliminating the need for reprogramming. Now, decades later, we have refined the system to include enhanced interface management—built-in capabilities for full ERP and third-party software function integration. Forward-thinking from the start, QSSI is all about creating flexible and cost-effective ways for established enterprises to optimize their warehouse logistics.

Today, PowerHouse is the most refined and powerful WMS on the market.
Focus on Customer Support

Only QSSI can offer you seamless customer support through planning and installation and built into your ongoing service agreement. The same QSSI professionals who will develop your specialized system will be the ones on the phone and onsite to help move your business into its next phase of growth.

Focus on Real-World Training

Train in the real world for the real world. QSSI trainers are also teachers, which is why we understand that rote learning won’t cut it with sophisticated warehouse logistics. Participants configure their own WMS set-up, including locations and rules based on your specific operating procedures. They then practice and perfect operating PowerHouse by receiving, locating, picking, restocking, and shipping product under expert supervision.

Focus on Longterm Scalability

PowerHouse helps your people do what they do best. We’ve created a hands-on classroom (for in-person and remote learning), making knowledge transfer accurate, contextual, and complete. The system grows with your business, which is why knowledge sharing is also ongoing. You have 24/7 access to implementation experts who know warehousing and know your business.

Because we’ve been where you are now, we understand what it will take to get you where you want to be tomorrow.
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