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High Functionality

High Functionality

Whole systems thinking leads to whole systems solutions.

“PowerHouse supports clear product location visibility and fast inventory reconciliation, essentials for fast-paced, ‘real-time, all the time’ warehousing.”

Brett Patton
Snr. Purchasing Agent & Warehouse Manager,
Rogers Sporting Goods
Functionality is…flexibility.

Software providers talk about optimization, centralization, and any number of “izations.” We see warehouse management a little differently and significantly more straightforward. Your people should be free to move forward with new efficiencies and enhancements and without limitations.

Functionality is…configurability.

PowerHouse delivers breadth and depth in a WMS. The system connects your revenue streams with a series of functions and services. You configure, reconfigure, and scale in response to evolving customer demands—without expensive modifications. Configurability means not having to edit or change the structure, syntax, or code of your WMS.

Functionality is…connectivity.

Next-generation warehouses deploy automation to connect enterprises and to build supply chains. Data plays a key role in enhancing fulfillment capabilities and driving efficiencies. Applications and devices prioritize tracking inventory movement and delivery.

PowerHouse is sector nonspecific. Extensive functionality delivers where and when it counts.

  • Evaluate while executing workloads.
  • Pinpoint where and when waste happens.
  • Direct or redirect work in real-time.
  • Trust that re-warehousing is feasible.
Featured Case Study
Featured Case Study

The Port Group found the installation of PowerHouseWMS virtually effortless. QSSI had us up and running within hours of receiving the data from our first client. The level of support exceeded our expectations and the staff at QSSI has been great in helping us to accommodate all our clients' requirements.

Ray Bottachiari|
Warehouse Manager,
The Port Group
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