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3PL Diversification

3PL Diversification

A unified technology stack. A better way to work.

“As a 3PL servicing just-in-time inventory with direct delivery, we value QSSI's support. We've grown by more than 300% since implementing the WMS.”

Thomas Dick
Vice President,
Integrated Services Inc.
Be a Leader in 3PL Service 

Marry your warehouse to your business. PowerHouse connects your supply chain. The warehouse management system is a technology toolset, delivering continuity from factory to customer.

Increase Warehouse Capacity

Onboard new customers quickly. The PowerHouse system connects your revenue streams with a series of functions and services. You configure, reconfigure, and scale in response to evolving customer demands—without expensive modifications.

Manage Multiple Supply Chain Processes

Communication is the key to converting process changes into business opportunities. PowerHouse is a systems integrator for complementary supply chain management software and for all leading ecommerce, marketplace, and carrier software, including shopping carts and customer portals.

Learn what we mean by a fully loaded and agile WMS capable of rapid deployment and easy adaptation.
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