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Food & Pharma Quality Management

Food & Pharma Quality Management

A unified technology stack. A better way to work.

“PowerHouse brought together all aspects of processing, under one integrated system. For a highly regulated industry, efficiencies were immediate and systemic.”

Thomas Iavarone
Director Operations,
Qosina Corp.
Enhanced Validation Capabilities

PowerHouse delivers the information and documentation you need to instill confidence in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and food products. Access lot codes, transaction histories, hold/expiration status, and date tracking data for the complete product lifecycle.

Quality and Document Control

Demonstrate having met the highest quality standards (FDA, USDA, CPSC). QSSI employs multiple quality control strategies, including fail-safe traceability and clear location visibility—from raw component to point-of-origin to customer.

  • Limit exposure with detailed, discrete transactions.
  • Know an item’s pedigree and disposition.
  • Respond to product recalls instantaneously and with precision.
  • Document the entire chain of custody.
  • Be prepared for the unknown unknowns.
Compliant Supply Chain Management

Automated supply chain processes are integral to sustaining brand loyalty and the public’s trust. PowerHouse’s superior product management capabilities ensure that all chain participants quickly, accurately, and directly communicate exactly where products are at any point in the process.

How the leading global supplier of medical OEM single-use components achieved measurable improvements in quality control.
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