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Built for a Dynamic Supply Chain

Built for a Dynamic Supply Chain

A unified technology stack. A better way to work.

“PowerHouse enabled our company to transition to a drop-ship-to-consumer mode while increasing orders by as much as 900% per day—with no overtime.”

Chris Thornton
EDI/Operations Specialist,
Standard Fiber

Your WMS lays the groundwork for continuous operational improvements. If your business isn’t seeing annual percentage increases in efficiencies, maybe it’s time to rethink logistics strategies.

3PL Diversification

Be a Leader in 3PL Service


Capitalize on Ecommerce Gains

Apparel & Retail

Omnichannel Fulfillment for Retail Ecommerce

Food & Pharma

Enhanced Validation Capabilities

B2B, B2C, FBA, D2C

Servicing All Fulfillment Types

Raw & Finished Goods Pedigree Control

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